Reducing Global Warming Potential

Honeywell Solstice® materials have GWPs 99.9% lower than products they replace. Millions of metric tons of CO2 equivalent is removed from the atmosphere everyday by switching to Solstice materials.

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What is a Foam Blowing Agent?

Learn how foam blowing agents contribute to improving energy efficiency in buildings, appliances, transportation via ships and trucks, and more.

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A Fresh Look at Solstice Materials

Honeywell Solstice® blowing agents and refrigerants help reduce food loss every step of the way – from the field to the supermarket to your dinner plate.


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Worldwide Adoption of Solstice® Liquid Blowing Agent is Growing

Solstice LBA – A next-generation, high-performance, ultra-low GWP HFO blowing agent here today!

For a wide variety of polyurethane foam applications around the globe, Solstice LBA is replacing alternative liquid blowing agents. It’s better for the environment and improves foam performance.