Enovate® 245fa Blowing Agent

Enovate 245fa and Solstice LBA Overview brochure

A Proven Replacement for HCFC-141b and other HCFCs

Honeywell Enovate 245fa blowing agent (HFC-245fa) is a proven replacement for HCFC-141b and other hydrofluorocarbon and nonfluorocarbon blowing agents in rigid polyurethane foam.

Honeywell Enovate 245fa is:

  • Non-ozone-depleting
  • Nonflammable (ASTM E-681, EU A11)
  • Listed under the U.S. EPA’s Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) program to replace ozone-depleting substances. (See the Environmental tab for more information)
  • Listed on the TSCA inventory/registered under REACH
  • VOC-exempt (per U.S. EPA)
  • Manufactured in the U.S.
  • Proven Performance
  • Physical Properties
  • Low Conversion Cost
  • Highly Compatible
  • Environmental
  • Nonflammable

Trusted Worldwide

Enovate 245fa has been successfully used in a wide variety of closed-cell spray polyurethane foam systems and other applications across the globe. Its superior thermal insulating characteristics, physical properties, and materials compatibility make it an ideal foam blowing agent for rigid polyurethane foams.

Enovate 245fa provides:

  • Thermal properties equivalent to HCFC 141b foams
  • Better dimensional stability
  • Improved compressive strength properties

Enovate 245fa offers excellent insulating performance. It is an ideal replacement for HCFC-141b in rigid PU foam and has a long history of proven performance and wide acceptance globally.

Conversion Simplified with Minimal Cost

Enovate is a nonflammable liquid that can be easily and rapidly deployed with most existing foam equipment, regardless of the current foam blowing agent used.


  • A near drop-in replacement for HCFC-141b, HCFC-22 and other foam blowing agents
  • Typically requires little or no equipment modification for conversion, reducing capital costs
  • Is nonflammable — risk mitigation equipment usually not required

Honeywell’s technical experts can advise you on any minor modifications that may be required to raw materials storage or foam processing equipment to ensure health, safety and environmental compliance.

We offer assistance to all businesses considering conversion on handling, transport, storage, in addition to a comprehensive conversion manual.

Contact us to request a copy or to learn more about how Enovate can lower your conversion costs.

Enovate Gets Along Well With Others

Enovate foam blowing agent is non-reactive and non-corrosive toward all commonly used metals in polyurethane processing equipment. This includes carbon steel, stainless steel, copper and brass.

Enovate gets along with:

  • Plastics and elastomers (less aggressive than HCFC-141b)
  • Gaskets and seals that accommodate HCFC-141b

Download our technical brochure to review results of Enovate use with plastics and elastomers.

Enovate 245fa is a hydrofluorocarbon (HFC). It is nonflammable (ASTM E-681 and EU A11), non-ozone-depleting, and VOC-exempt (U.S. EPA). It offers environmental and performance advantages over HCFC-141b, which is being phased out in compliance with the Montreal Protocol. Enovate 245fa is listed on the TSCA inventory and registered under REACH.  It is also listed under the U.S. EPA’s Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) program to replace ozone-depleting substances.

In October, 2016, delegates to the Montreal Protocol agreed in Kigali, Rwanda to an historic amendment that adds high-GWP HFCs to the Protocol and establishes schedules for their phase down. The accord will further accelerate adoption of HFC substitutes such as Honeywell’s Solstice® blowing agents (based on HFO technology) used for many PU foam applications. With evolving blowing agent regulations, we can help you choose the best blowing agent solution for your needs.

Increase Safety, Simplify Handling and Minimize Cost

Non-ozone-depleting Enovate 245fa enables superior foam insulating performance and is nonflammable.

Along with increased worker safety, nonflammability can provide cost savings through:

  • No flammability risk mitigation for shipment, storage, handling and processing
  • Reduced risks to manufacturing facility and neighboring structures

Flammable foam blowing agents, such as cyclopentane, require flammability risk mitigation, which can add significant capital costs.

Enovate is nonflammable (ASTM E-681, EU A11).

Contact us to learn more about the safety properties of Enovate.