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Generate Savings and Improve Safety: Insulate your reefer containers with nonflammable, non-ozone-depleting Enovate® 245fa blowing agent. The improvements in energy efficiency can save you money, but switching to Enovate will also improve the safety of your containers compared to those using insulation formulated with cyclopentane. Enter information about your reefer fleet below to see how much you can save over the lifetime of your fleet by using Enovate 245fa blowing agent in reefer insulation.

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Savings by Using Enovate® 245fa

  • up to

    $ 234,599,000

    Lifetime savings per reefer

  • up to

    $ 234,599,000

    Lifetime savings per fleet

Call 1-800-631-8138 or contact us to talk to a Honeywell foam blowing agents expert today about how to start improving the energy efficiency and safety of your reefer container fleet with nonflammable, non-ozone-depleting Enovate 245fa.

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