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Small service cans make it easier for mechanics to fix increasing number of cars using 1234yf refrigerant

TOKYO, August 2, 2018 – Honeywell (NYSE: HON) today announced a partnership with Ichinen Chemicals, Co., Ltd., for the distribution of small service cans to the automotive aftermarket in Japan, which make it easier for professional automobile technicians to service air conditioning systems with environmentally-preferable Honeywell Solstice® yf refrigerant.

With demand for low global-warming-potential (GWP) automotive refrigerants growing in the Japanese market, automakers are increasingly converting their vehicles from high-GWP hydrofluorocarbon R-134a to ultra-low-GWP Solstice yf, which has become the global standard for automotive air conditioning to replace R-134a. Solstice yf [is a non-hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) and has a GWP of less than 1, which is 99.9 percent lower than R-134a (GWP=1,300) and less than carbon dioxide. The move away from R-134a has created a need for small cans of the new refrigerant. The small Solstice yf service cans will be distributed by Ichinen, an industry-leading manufacturer and supplier of automotive maintenance products in the Japan market.

“The automotive industry in Japan has been asking for more energy efficient and responsible solutions given government regulation, and this fits the bill,” commented Mr. Takehiko Kuroda, President, Ichinen Chemicals. “We are happy to add Honeywell’s Solstice yf small refrigerant service cans to our product portfolio. Further, we are excited to partner with Honeywell, given its rich reputation for innovation and its record of developing environmentally-preferable solutions.”

Product Name: Solstice® yf Service Can
Net: 200g
Distributor: Ichinen Chemicals
Manufacturer: Honeywell

Global warming potential: less than 1
Classification by High Pressure Gas Safety Act: Specified Inert Gas
Trained mechanics use only

“We are excited to see the newly-designed co-branded small R-1234yf service can come to the Japanese market,” said Eric Yang, General Manager of Honeywell Fluorine Products, Asia Pacific. “Ichinen Chemicals is a pioneer when it comes to introducing emerging technologies in the aftermarket car industry. Our partnership with them gives us confidence that we will be able to deliver our next-generation solution to end users nationwide.”

Honeywell is a world leader in the development, manufacturing and supply of refrigerants sold worldwide under the Solstice and Genetron® brands for a wide range of applications, including refrigeration, building and automobile air conditioning. Honeywell and its suppliers have completed a $900 million investment program in R&D and new capacity based on Honeywell’s hydrofluoro-olefin (HFO) technology. For more information, visit

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