Genetron® 134a

Replaces R-12 in auto air conditioning and in residential, commercial and industrial refrigeration systems. For new equipment.

Related TDS/SDS

    General Information

    • ASHRAE #R-134a
    • ClassHFC
    • Refrigerant TypeSingle Component Fluid
    • Typical LubricantPOE
    • SubstitutesCFC-12
    • GlideNo Glide
    • NotesCommercial Refrigeration: Performs well in small hermetic systems. Centrifugal Chiller Refrigerants: Used in many new chiller designs. Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps: Used in large screw chillers. EPA SNAP Approved. UL Listed.

    Physical Properties

    • Chemical NameTetrofluoroethane
    • Chemical NotationCF3CH2F
    • Molecular Weight (lbm/lbmol)102
    • Boiling Point @ 1 Atm, (°F)-14.9
    • Freezing Point @ 1 Atm, (°F)-141.9
    • Critical Temperature (°F) (ASTM D-1321)213.91
    • Critical Pressure* (psia)588.75
    • Saturated Liquid Density @ 86°F, (lb/ft3)74.1
    • Specific Heat of Liquid @ 86°F, (Btu/lb•°F)0.35
    • Specific Heat of Vapor @ Constant Pressure* (Cp), @ 86° and 1 Atm, (Btu/lb•°F)0.18
    • Flammable range, %vol. in air (Based on ASHRAE Standard 34 with Match Ignition)None
    • ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 34-1992 Safety Group ClassificationA1