Solstice L40X

Solstice® L40X (R-455A) is a mildly flammable, zeotropic blend designed to serve as an alternative for low-, medium- and high-temperature applications in new systems. It has a low global-warming-potential (GWP) of only 145. In addition, it provides a close capacity match to R-404A, extended operating envelope when compared to propane or air-conditioning refrigerants, and high energy efficiency.

An application for listing Solstice L40X under the U.S. EPA Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) program has been submitted and FINAL APPROVAL is pending.

Solstice L40X is an excellent refrigerant option for commercial refrigeration low-temperature applications such as plug-ins, condensing units, food service, water-loop systems and similar. Its low GWP, extended operating envelope, high efficiency, high critical temperature and low critical pressure makes it a potential match for other applications such as supermarkets,
chillers, heat pumps, transport refrigeration, and others.

General Information

  • ASHRAE #R-455A
  • ClassA2L
  • Refrigerant TypeZeotropic blend
  • Typical LubricantPOE
  • ReplacesR404A/R290/R22/R407C

Physical Properties

  • Class/TypeZeotropic blend
  • Formula75.5%/21.5%/3% R-1234yf/R-32/R-744
  • KindHFC / HFO
  • AppearanceColorless
  • ODP (ODP-R11=1)~0
  • GWP REV /5TH IPCC145
  • ASHRAE STD. 34 Safety ClassA2L
  • LFL (percentage vol)11.8 – 12.9
  • ReachRegistered