Solstice® N13 is a non-flammable, reduced GWP replacement for HFC-134a in medium temperature applications like heat pumps, air-cooled and water-cooled chillers, district heating and cooling systems, vending machines and beverage dispensers, CO2 cascade systems etc. Its GWP is 573 and is listed under the U.S. EPA’s SNAP program to replace ozone-depleting substances.

Related TDS/SDS

    General Information

    • ASHRAE #R-450A
    • ClassZeotropic blend
    • Typical LubricantPOE (polyol ester) Oil
    • SubstitutesR-134a
    • ContainsR-134a / R-1234ze
    • Glide0.9°F
    • GWP547

    Physical Properties

    • Chemical FormulaR-134a / R-1234ze
    • Composition42%/58%
    • Boiling Point @ 1 Atm, (°F)-10.1
    • Critical Pressure* (psia)553.8
    • Critical Temperature (°F)220.0
    • Critical Volume (ft3/lb)0.033
    • Critical Density (lb/ft3)30.7
    • Vapor density at boiling point (lb/ft3)0.336
    • Liquid density at 32ºF (lb/ft3)78.6
    • Liquid density at 77°F (lb/ft3)73.4
    • Vapor density at 77ºF (lb/ft3)1.8
    • Liquid heat capacity at 77°F (Btu/lb·°F)0.335
    • Vapor heat capacity at 77°F (Btu/lb·°F)0.239
    • Heat of vaporization at boiling point (Btu/lb)87.7
    • Vapor Pressure at 77°F (psia)84.0
    • Liquid thermal conductivity at 77°F (mBtu/h-ft-°F)44.1
    • Vapor thermal conductivity at 77°F (mBtu/h-ft-°F)8.0
    • Liquid viscosity at 77°F (μlb/ft·hr)130.5
    • Vapor viscosity at 77°F (μlb/ft·hr)8.2
    • ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 34-1992 Safety Group ClassificationA1