Conversion Manual

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Chapter 1: Introduction

Learn more about the performance, versatility and favorable environmental properties of Solstice Propellant.
Chapter 2: Technical Data

Access technical information for choosing and using Solstice Propellant, including physical properties, chemical stability and materials compatibility.
Chapter 3: Flammability Assessment

Read about the flammability characteristics of aerosols, and the testing behind Solstice Propellant that allows it to be classified as a nonflammable liquefied gas.
Chapter 4: Bulk Storage Tank Specifications

Read about suggested specifications and guidelines for converting new and existing bulk storage systems to Solstice Propellant.
Chapter 5: Package Offerings and Unloading Procedure

Check out container sizes, specifications and a sample unloading procedure for Solstice Propellant.


Section 1: Safety Data Sheets

Link to a Solstice Propellant SDS for the information you need.
Section 2: Workplace Environmental Exposure Level (WEEL)

Read this AIHA Guideline Foundation document for WEEL information related to Solstice Propellant.
Section 3: Aerosol Comparison Guide

Compare the physical properties and regulatory compliance of Solstice Propellant to other common materials.
Section 4: Product Specifications

Take a quick look at this specification sheet fro Solstice Propellant.
Section 5: Cylinder Return Process

Learn how to return empty and damaged cylinders to Honeywell.
Section 6: Formulated Solutions Conversion Case Study

Read how Formulated Solutions is differentiating its products and driving success with Solstice Propellant.