Solstice Propellant

Improving Disinfectant Safety

    During these tumultuous times, Honeywell is working hard to provide safer ingredients for critical applications.

    Honeywell offers Solstice Propellant (HFO-1234ze), a nonflammable propellant for use in all aerosol applications, but especially for disinfectants that offer protections from coronavirus.

    • With a global warming potential (GWP) of less than one, it reduces CO2 equivalent emissions by 99.9% compared with HFC-134a, and is well below the threshold of 150 set by the European F-Gas regulation. It also has extremely low photochemical reactivity in the atmosphere and does not materially contribute to ground-level smog.
    • Solstice Propellant is easy to implement, with minimal changeover requirements to formulations, storage or filling equipment.

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