Solstice® Enhance: Delivering New Possibilities

Solstice Enhance enables the development of innovative and novel personal care formulations for face, body, and hair products. It is highly compatible with a wide variety of commonly-used plastics and elastomers. It is classified as a UN class 2.2 nonflammable liquefied gas, and has a WEEL of 800 ppm.

Consumers will experience unique sensations due to the innovative benefits it could provide for your products such as:

  • Cooling and Foaming
  • Superior Solubility
  • Surface Wetting / Spreading
  • Fast Drying
  • Dispersion

ABSORBS HEAT FROM SKIN: High heat of vaporization provides a refreshing, cooling skin sensation

EXCELLENT FOAMING ACTION: Crackling effect enables visual cues to create a strong reason to believe in your formulations. Works to deliver a moisturizing, cushiony feel in viscous formulations.

SOLUBILIZES HEAVY OIL-BASED INGREDIENTS: Create formulations with a light texture and feel

SOLUBILIZES A WIDE VARIETY OF INGREDIENTS: Examples include protic solvents, ethers, sunscreen ingredients, triglycerides, esters, hydrocarbons, silicones, liquid fatty acids, and oxygen carrying solvents like perfluorodecalin. It may also help solubilize actives to improve formulation efficacy.

MISCIBLE WITH LIQUID SURFACTANTS: Develop revolutionary emulsions. Excellent miscibility with surfactants such as polysorbate 20, laureth 4, and oleth-2.

SUPERIOR REMOVAL OF OILS ON SKIN: Readily dissolves natural skin oils and other oily ingredients in rinse-off applications for a clean, refreshing sensation

EXCELLENT SURFACE WETTING FOR DELIVERY OF ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Extremely low surface tension enables delivery of actives for enhanced efficacy even on rough, wrinkled, or uneven skin

BETTER SPREADABILITY: Enables even spreading of the product over a larger surface area

PENETRATES NOOKS AND CRANNIES: Delivers actives and lifts oils/particulates in rinse-off products

EXCEPTIONAL CARRIER: Non-VOC carrier fluid for active ingredients

EVAPORATES QUICKLY: Leaves behind pure product/active and minimizes waiting.

IDEALLY SUITED FOR HAIR APPLICATIONS: Create dry formulations for hair sprays, dry shampoos, and other styling products.

A POWERFUL COMBO: Solstice Enhance can be combined with Solstice Propellant to provide excellent dispersion of solids-based aerosol products.