Solstice PF-C Technical Bulletin

Cleaning Power with Flame Suppression

For a wide variety of aerosol cleaning requirements, Solstice® PF and Solstice PF-C are effective solvents that offer favorable environmental and safety performance. For aerosol solvent based formulations, they can increase cleaning efficacy and/or provide flame suppression.

Potential applications range from aerosolized coatings and adhesives, to household and industrial cleaning formulations, including but not limited to:

  • Flux from printed circuit boards
  • Metal parts and assemblies e.g. automotive, aerospace, electronics, and more
  • Household cleaning e.g. spot removers

Blending Solstice PF-C with other cleaning agents can reduce the flammability of commonly used hydrocarbon solvents, such as those used in aerosol-based cleaning solutions. Its powerful solvency also improves the removal of oils, greases, and hydrocarbon-based stains.

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