Solstice PF-HP in
Oxygen Line Cleaning

Trusted Performance

When it comes to oxygen line and parts cleaning for propulsion or life support, you need a solvent you can trust. Solstice® PF-HP (High Performance) is an ultra clean, highly effective, nonflammable cleaning solution, with a favorable toxicity profile and low environmental impact. It is intended to meet stringent oxygen service requirements for:

  • Commercial aircraft
  • Military /defense applications
  • Spacecraft

It delivers a non-volatile residue (NVR) specification of less than 2 parts per million (ppm). It can be used in vapor degreasing equipment, cold cleaning, NVR verification, and tube flushing. It is also offered as a spray. A few benefits of this proven solution include:

  • NASA approved (preferred replacement for AK-225G in oxygen system cleaning)
  • Passed NASA LOX explosion test
  • Contains no stabilizers or additives, which can contribute to NVR
  • Good stability and materials compatibility
  • Considered a replacement for HCFC-225, HFCs, HFEs, TCEs, nPBs, and other solvents
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