Effective Cleaning Across Diverse Industries

Solstice PF, Solstice PF-2A, and Solstice PF-C are effective at cleaning metal parts and assemblies, electronics components, and circuits across a wide array of industries, while meeting safety and environmental requirements. Precision cleaning of parts and circuits is essential to reliability. Flux, oil, residue, and other contaminants that are not removed can contribute to performance problems, including:

  • Connectivity issues
  • Lower product reliability
  • Higher maintenance costs
  • Equipment failure

Solstice PF-HP (High Performance) meets stringent requirements for oxygen system cleaning.

Solstice PF-C is also an excellent carrier fluid for adhesives, coatings/inks, and as an aerosol ingredient.

Ekoflush® machines are used for accurate and easy cleaning of air conditioning or refrigeration units. Solstice PF-C is the only product approved for use with Ekoflush systems.

Solstice EZ Flush is ideal for single flush operations and is pressurized with nitrogen for easy introduction of solvent into the A/C or refrigeration circuit.

  • Aerospace
  • Military
  • A/C & Refrig
  • Electronics
  • Transportation
  • Medical
  • Construction

Solstice® PF has been tested for its conformance to many of the materials compatibility tests required in military and aerospace applications, including:

  • ASTM D891 Specific Gravity
  • ASTM D1613 Acidity
  • ASTM F1110 Sandwich corrosion
  • ASTM F483 Immersion corrosion
  • ASTM F1111 Cadmium corrosion
  • ASTM D130 Copper corrosion
  • ASTM F485 Effect on unpainted surfaces
  • ASTM F502 Effect on painted surfaces
  • ASTM F519-93 Hydrogen embrittlement
  • ASTM F945 Titanium stress corrosion
  • ASTM D3755 Effect on polyimide wire
  • ASTM F2111 Standard practice for measuring
    intergranular attack and end grain pitting on
    metals caused by aircraft chemical processes
  • ARP 1755 B Effect of cleaning agents on
    aircraft engine materials

Metal coupons fully immersed in Solstice PF for one week showed no solvent breakdown or acid formation during the tests. Its compatibility with a wide variety of materials is complemented by its ability to dissolve many common soils encountered in aircraft production, maintenance and repair:

Table Image 009A

Download the Solstice PF Aerospace and Military brochure.

Learn how Solstice PF-HP (High Performance) meets stringent requirements for oxygen system cleaning.

In addition to meeting ASTM standards for the aerospace industry, Solstice® PF has passed many of the key materials compatibility tests required in military applications:


Download the Solstice PF Aerospace and Military brochure.

Learn how Solstice PF-HP (High Performance) meets stringent requirements for oxygen system cleaning.

Solstice PF-C and  Solstice EZ Flush are extremely efficient solvents for all kinds of oils used in air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Both products completely dissolve and remove these oils from the circuits.

For single flush cleaning, Solstice EZ Flush is pressurized with nitrogen for an easier introduction of the solvent into the circuit and for effective drying. Today, it is standard practice with other solvents to use nitrogen from an external source to blow out and dry the circuit of all dissolved oils and contaminants.

For machine flush, our Ekoflush unit used with Solstice PF-C ensures that even difficult contaminants are cleaned out. The special pulsing operation applies additional mechanical action to remove soot and dirt from crevices and corners in the circuit. Using high pressure (up to 10 bar), particulates and soot are forcefully flushed out. Due to its low boiling point, the solvent can easily be recovered from the piping and collected in the Ekoflush unit, that will filter, distill, and send it back into the original cylinder for a maximum of 20 times.

As a precision cleaning solvent, Solstice PF is ideally suited for electronics and optics applications that require effective, yet gentle cleaning. The vapor pressure of Solstice PF facilitates rapid drying of cleaned parts, which helps eliminate spotting while reducing energy use. Some applications include:

  • Consumer and industrial lenses
  • Television and computer displays
  • Fiber optics

Solstice PF can be used for electronics parts cleaning in vapor degreasing equipment, circuit flushing, and in aerosols. Solstice PF-2A and Solstice PF-C also offer unique benefits for electronics components, assemblies, and circuit board cleaning.

Solstice PF has also been shown to effectively clean the tracing inks used in optical lens manufacturing to cut and shape each lens. In tests where lenses were submerged in Solstice PF for 24 hours, the solvent did not make any visible changes to its surface or coatings.


Solstice Performance Fluids are well suited for the cleaning requirements across the transportation industry e.g. automotive, rail, bus, etc. Solstice PF products offer excellent solvency for a wide variety of challenging soils found in the transportation industry, such as grease, oil,  hydraulic fluids, as well as favorable environmental and safety benefits.

Solstice Performance Fluids and blends have been identified and tested for efficacy using the following delivery methods:

  • Aerosol
  • Vapor
  • Immersion
  • Line Flushing

Precision metal parts, delivery lines, and sensitive electronics can all be effectively and safely cleaned with Solstice Performance Fluids.

For air conditioning circuit flushing, we offer Solstice EZ Flush and the Ekoflush/Solstice PF-C products.

Learn why Tunisian Railways replaced HCFC-141b and dichloromethane (also known as methylene chloride) with the Solstice PF-C / Ekoflush system for its A/C cleaning needs.

With a high degree of solvency and low surface tension, Solstice PF is an effective cleaner for medical devices, including:

  • Staples
  • Needles
  • Tubes
  • Blades
  • Catheters

Solstice PF-C can be used as a carrier fluid/solvent for deposition of lubricants and silicones in medical devices, where even application of the material is critical e.g. silicone deposition needles.

Solstice PF-C is a highly effective carrier fluid/solvent with favorable safety and environmental properties. Carrier fluids/solvents are used to dissolve/solvate functional adhesive ingredients so they can be applied (e.g. spray, brush, roll) onto the contact surface of two substrates to adhere them together.

It is ideally suited for contact adhesives used in:

  • Construction (e.g. laminate adhesion)
  • Flooring, and
  • Upholstery

Solstice PF-C provides a nonflammable, lower toxicity, fast drying, effective alternative to methylene chloride (MeCl2), toluene, and other carrier fluids/solvents used in this industry. It can also be used as an aerosol ingredient in products such as spray paint and other coatings.

Download Solstice® PF-C in Adhesives Formulations