AC Refrigeration


Solstice PF-C and EZ Flush are extremely efficient solvents for all kinds of oils used in air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Both products completely dissolve and remove these oils from the circuit.

For single flush cleaning, EZ Flush is pressurized with nitrogen for an easier in introduction of the solvent into the circuit and for the drying. Today it is standard practice with other solvents to use nitrogen from an external source to blow out and dry the circuit of all dissolved oils and contaminants.


For machine flush, the Honeywell’s Ekoflush unit with Solstice PF-C ensures that even difficult contaminants are cleaned out. The special pulsing operation applies additional mechanical action to remove soot and dirt from crevices and corners in the circuit. Using high pressure up to 10 bar, particulates and soot are forcefully flushed out. Thanks to its low boiling point, the solvent can easily be recovered from the piping and collected in the Ekoflush™ unit, that will filter, distill and send it back into the original cylinder for a maximum of 20 times.