Solstice® PF has been tested for its conformance to many of the materials compatibility tests required in military and aerospace applications, including:

  • ASTM D891 Specific Gravity
  • ASTM D1613 Acidity
  • ASTM F1110 Sandwich corrosion
  • ASTM F483 Immersion corrosion
  • ASTM F1111 Cadmium corrosion
  • ASTM D130 Copper corrosion
  • ASTM F485 Effect on unpainted surfaces
  • ASTM F502 Effect on painted surfaces
  • ASTM F519-93 Hydrogen embrittlement
  • ASTM F945 Titanium stress corrosion
  • ASTM D3755 Effect on polyimide wire
  • ASTM F2111 Standard practice for measuring
    intergranular attack and end grain pitting on
    metals caused by aircraft chemical processes
  • ARP 1755 B Effect of cleaning agents on
    aircraft engine materials

Metal coupons fully immersed in Solstice PF for one week showed no solvent breakdown or acid formation during the tests. Its compatibility with a wide variety of materials is complemented by its ability to dissolve many common soils encountered in aircraft production, maintenance and repair:


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