Product Information

Whether you are looking to replace your solvent with one of our Solstice® Performance Fluid (PF) products or require the latest in circuit cleaning using our proven Solstice EZ Flush or Ekoflush® / Solstice PF-C systems, we have the solutions for your precision cleaning and carrier fluid needs.

Solstice PF

A highly effective, environmentally preferred solvent for precision cleaning of mechanical and electronic parts.

Solstice PF-C

A proven and versatile cleaner and carrier fluid with favorable safety and environmental properties.

Solstice PF-2A

An azeotropic mixture of Solstice PF (98 weight percent) and methanol (2 weight percent) that balances cleaning and HS&E performance.

Solstice PF-HP (and spray)

An ultra clean, highly effective, solution that is ideally suited for oxygen system cleaning.

Solstice EZ Flush

A next-generation cleaning solvent that replaces HCFC-141b, refrigerants, or compressed nitrogen in straight (open) flush refrigeration and A/C circuits.

Ekoflush / Solstice PF-C

Our easy-to-use Ekoflush machines used with Solstice PF-C are the right choice for air conditioning and refrigeration circuit flushing.