Solstice PF-C and Flushing Equipment brochure

Combining the superior performance of Solstice® PF-C solvent, and any of our optimized Ekoflush flushing machines, technicians can provide a higher quality, cost effective, safer, and environmentally compliant flushing solution for air conditioning and refrigeration circuits.

Some benefits of the Ekoflush system include:

  • Ekoflush machines are fully automatic
  • Easy to use
  • Minimizes exposure of technicians to contaminated fluids

To learn more, view the Ekoflush/Solstice PF-C overview video. You can also view our technical operation guidance video.

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The Ekoflush method combines the cleaning effectiveness of a superior solvent, Solstice PF-C, with the accurate cleaning process of our flushing machine. Solstice PF-C is extremely efficient with all kinds of oils used in refrigeration and air conditioning and completely dissolves them in the circuit.

Some benefits of Ekoflush system include:

  • Procedure ensures that even difficult contamination is cleaned out
  • Special pulsing operation applies additional abrasive degreasing action to remove soot and dirt from crevices and corners
  • Using high-pressure (up to 8 bar), particles and soot are forcefully flushed out
  • With its low boiling point, the solvent can easily be recovered from the pipes
  • No waste solvent is produced in the flushing process (solvent is recovered within the flushing machine and the purified solvent returned into the cylinder to be used over and over again)
  • Cost-efficient
  • Leaves circuits clean and dry

Our Ekoflush machines are offered in two versions:

Ekoflush – K-562  Portable unit can be easily transported, for use on rooftop or other installed

equipment at the customer’s premises.

Ekoflush – K-572

Larger workshop units for use in service and repair shops, and automotive garages.

Solstice PF-C used with Ekoflush machines offers favorable health, safety, and environmental attributes:

  • Nonflammable (ASTM E-681 and EU A11)
  • Ultra-low GWP of 1
  • Listed under the Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) per U.S. EPA
  • Non-ozone-depleting
  • VOC-exempt (per U.S. EPA and California’s South Coast Air Quality Management District)
  • Low order of toxicity: OEL-800 ppm (WEEL)
  • Very low MIR and POCP values