New Solvent Has the Power to Clean

prodctsinner1Solstice Performance Fluid (PF) is a highly effective cleaning solution that is non-flammable, has favorable toxicity properties and a low global warming potential of 1. It can be used to clean everything from electronics and metals to medical equipment and precision parts. Solstice PF is designed for use in vapor degreasing equipment or cold cleaning, and balances performance with your health and environmental requirements:

  • Cleaning performance similar to HCFC-225
  • Superior wetting for cleaning tight spaces
  • Compatible with a large number of commonly-used polymers and elastomers, such as PET, PTFE, polycarbonate, DuPontTM Viton and DuPontTM Neoprene
  • Compatible with common metals, including aluminum, copper, titanium, and magnesium/aluminum alloys
  • Recovered or recycled by simple flash distillation or through carbon absorption with stream desorption
  • No stabilizers needed

Download our product guide or contact us to learn how you can switch to Solstice PF today.