Solstice® Solvents

solvents-precision-cleaning-performance fluidNew Solvent Offers Superior Cleaning, Safety and Environmental Benefits

Solstice® Performance Fluid (PF) is a highly effective cleaning solution that is non-flammable, has favorable toxicity properties and a low global warming potential of 1. It can be used for metal, plastic, medical and electronics parts cleaning in vapor degreasing equipment, circuit flushing, and in aerosols.

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  • Product Overview
  • Cleaning Performance

Solstice PF is a new fluorinated solvent with the strength to clean effectively, while being safe to use. Its ability to balance effective solvency for a wide variety of solutes with your safety and environmental requirements makes it the long-term answer to your solvent needs. It is suitable for metal, medical, and electronics cleaning in vapor degreasing equipment and aerosol applications, as well as line flushing. Solstice PF is currently available in three forms to suit your application:

  • Solstice PF: Primarily designed for degreaser applications
  • Solstice PF-2A: Solvent blended with 2% methanol. Meets 25 grams-per-liter air quality requirement of California environmental regulations, such as SCAQMD rule 102
  • Solstice PF-C: Only product approved and designed for use in machine flushing operations used for the most accurate cleaning of air conditioning (A/C) or refrigeration units.
  • Solstice EZ Flush: Developed for single flush operations, pressurized with nitrogen for easy introduction of solvent into A/C or refrigeration circuit. EZ Flush is a replacement for 141b which is being banned for use in this cleaning application in several countries, as per the Montreal Protocol.

Solstice PF has a low boiling point but a high heat of vaporization, which means that it remains a liquid for an extended period of time – even at room temperature. It also exhibits low surface tension and a high degree of solvency, making it suitable for cleaning tight spaces:

Download technical information or contact us to learn how you can switch to Solstice PF today.

Solstice PF offers excellent cleaning power, exhibiting effective solvency in most applications:

  • Cleaning performance equivalent to or better than HCFC-225 and HCFC 141b
  • Superior wetting for cleaning tight spaces
  • Compatible with a large number of commonly-used polymers and elastomers, such as PET, PTFE, polycarbonate, DuPont™ Viton® and DuPont™ Neoprene
  • Compatible with common metals, including aluminum, copper, titanium, and magnesium/aluminum alloys
  • Recovered or recycled by simple flash distillation or through carbon absorption with steam desorption
  • No stabilizers needed

With a high heat of vaporization, Solstice PF remains a liquid for an extended period of time, even at room temperature. The vapor pressure of Solstice PF facilitates rapid drying of cleaned parts, and it has excellent wetting properties on soiled parts. This allows it to swiftly clean pieces and parts with small, intricate channels.

Solstice PF is a very effective cleaning solution for a wide variety of soils, including:

  • Hydrocarbon oils, lubricants and greases
  • Fluorinated oils and greases
  • Silicone oils and greases
  • Glycol
  • Cutting, machining and mineral oils
  • Acrylics
  • Hydraulic fluids
  • Liquid RMA solder fluxes

To demonstrate Solstice PF’s high degree of solvency, mineral oil can be dissolved in Solstice PF at a level of at least 50% by weight. At this level it remains completely dissolved, even at temperatures as low as -30°C.

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