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New Low-Global-Warming, Degreasing Solvent Meets Cleaning and Environmental Regulatory Requirements.
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You don’t have to choose between a high performance cleaning solvent and Environment, Health and Safety regulations. Now you can have both. Honeywell Solstice® Performance Fluid (PF) can be substituted for HCFC-225, an ozone-depleting and higher-global-warming solvent.

In the case study for Thermally Engineered Manufactured Products (TEMP), a manufacturer of high-performance heat transfer products examined switching from HCFC-225 process to parts cleaning with Solstice Solvent. After TEMP completed testing, they found that Solstice PF met their requirements and cleaned better than the incumbent HCFC-225 process.

See how Honeywell Solstice Performance Fluid compares to other solvents on the market.